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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday, Hard Rock & Originals

hello! It's 11am on Tuesday morning & I'm still trying to wake myself up, that's been going on for about two hours now. I'm toasting raison bread, and multi tasking with my mouth watering at the thought, I have to look behind me to make sure I'm not burning it.... which I did! ;/ Typical, I'm so good in the kitchen. :/

Anyways I just had a big birthday, another year older... crazy how time flies! I still remember the birthday parties with my friends, building forts, getting barbie dolls as gifts & running around playing pretend. I made a big wish when I blew out my candles but it was the same wish I chose when I was my barbie doll stage, but this time stronger than ever. Big thanks to everyone who sent love my way and all the people there who made it memorable & special. <3 <3 <3 I'll never forget it, I love youuuu rockstarzzz!! 21st :*

I've got lots of things planned ahead and the future is exciting. I'm laying down my originals and hope to record them in DvD format, to introduce you to my new music. I'm working with a talented Video Producer friend from Detroit, and I know the project will turn out amazing. Looking to step into this soon & I'm looking forward to sharing and introducing you to the inside of my head. My note book is full, and I had to start a brand new one... fresh... the newest songs gotta be just that. ;) More to come, don't miss a beat.

Also performed at HRC- Detroit for "The Girls that Rock the Hard Rock Tour" with Fefe Dobson & Deluka, both crazy hard core performers. So great meeting & hanging out with them and love to everyone who came out. :) I'm playing out around Metro Detroit, more & more... please check my upcoming shows on my website

I'm out... gotta eat this & play with Sadie & Abbey who are sitting comfortably close to my chair whining & and staring at me with their big blue eyes ready to play. Gotta love a dogs life, I swear! :) ha Peaceeee

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry- Alyssa Simmons (FERGIE Cover)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Currently sitting in a cold Hotel room in Downtown Chicago, just finished writing a song :) Feels good, can't wait to put it together! Now I flipped on the tele & Anchorman is taking over, I FORGOT how hilarious this is, right now it's the Anchorman fight scene & I'm literally laughing out loud. I'm sleep deprived my friends, I need sleep....... I LOVE LAMP!!! ....... - Tons of free cool icons!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Detroit Auto Show- Chevy Sonic Ipod Intro

Good Morning! :) Decided to share some pictures with you from the Detroit Auto Show 2011. I was asked, along with 11 other local musicians to be apart of the private introduction for the New Chevy GM Sonic, we all played a new app on the I-touch & I-pad. It was such a great experience & I met a group of extremely talented musicians & just all around nice people throughout this whole project. Check out our Pic on Forbes! :)

Mad love to the Ipod Family;
Dale Grisa,
Terri McTaggart,
Tasha Valdez Lord,
Frankie D'Angelo,
Chris Degnore,
Randy Roberts,
Jessica Carmichael,
Conor Mendenhall,
Ralph Tope,
Kenny Brooks,
Nick Buzinski,
Emily Rogers &
Alex Trajano!!

Check out some of the pics below, I'm off to Chicago this upcoming weekend for some auditions//meetings, good vibes, I NEED THEM! :) Be safe in this snow!:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy ALMOST Christmas & some LA Pictures for YOU

Hey there cutie pies! :) It's late as usual, I'm tired but refusing to put the effort into getting ready for bed... That’s just boring! ): How CRAZY, it's already the holiday season, literally only a week away before Christmas is here... I repeat ONE WEEK AWAY. I love everything about this time of year, the music, the lights sparkling on the snow, all the old Christmas movies, hot chocolate, & most important being around the people who matter most. Everything about the month of December seems absolutely 100% perfect, wish it didn't end so fast.

Upcoming DECEMBER SHOWS for me & my guys ((Keys: Marc Doiron & Percussion: Steve Tocco)) next week. We're going to be at the HoHoHo Down at Dooley's Irish Tavern - Sterling Heights, MI on Dec 21st at 9pm (21 and over)!! ALSO PLEASE COME OUT for our Special Christmas show @ Rosie O'Grady's in Chesterfield, MI on Wednesday Dec 22nd at 8:30pm, this one is an ALL AGES SHOW until 10pm so bring the whole family & have a great time.


I realize I haven’t written since I've been back from LA, which was insane! I learned a lot, met with some great people, and kicked some more doors open. During the day I was able to explore LA & the surrounding areas with my family ((they're the best)) then settle in for some late LATE nights in the studio, literally living off Tea, 5 hour Energy & Red bull. I recorded 5 songs out there and that’s about all I can tell you right now but I'm MORE THAN READY to make my trip back :)) Check out some pics below.

^ Mark Ballas (Dancing w/ The Stars) in studio while he records his record! :)

^^ The Crew

^ Rodeo Drive

^Santa Monica

^Just arriving @ my new home for a few days

^ My people who matter most<3

^Venice Beach


^Love LA

^Last but not least, my bro & lovely DORA the Explorer... his fav! ((im being sarcastic))

Thursday, October 21, 2010

LA Update- Photoshoot, Shows, Videos & Dogs

Hiii, hey yo! :) It's been quite the long time since my last "blog" does anyone even read this? haha Well either way I'm up, everyone else I know is asleep so no one to talk to but this thang! I'm really cool :( ha So much is new & so much is going on right now, it's hard to keep everything together, but I'm loving every minute of it & somehow staying sane. I've been pulling songs out of my A#% & writing everyday and I've got lots of new music just hanging out in my beat up notebook. It's less than two weeks now & I'll be heading out to LA, to record & work with some awesome people. To say I'm excited is an understatement, I'm so ready to peace out from Michigan & take that next step. I love my Michiganders, with all I've got, I'm just ready to see what the future holds. Life is such a crazy ride & I'm learning something new everyday. I'll take lots of pics & make sure to post them for all your pretty eyes to see. Sigh** Cross your fingers :D

What else, hmm today my photographer & I scouted out places for the upcoming photoshoot, I think we've got some cool settings & I can't wait to shoot (not guns) but you know. It's gonna be a lot fun, and that'll be happening sometime early next week. New pictures will be in your face sometime soon.

I've got shows lined up & since my website is Under Construction & we'll spicing that up for ya'll soon, make sure to check my schedule out at my MYSPACE for the latest Friday Oct 22nd @ 9pm my Full Band & I will be at Luna Kai- Bar & Grill in Harrison Twp, bring you & all your friends and rock out with us the right way on Friday night! :) Food, Great Atmosphere, Drinks, Fun etc.

HALLOWEEN IS SO CLOSE & I don't know what to be? Suggestions would be fantastic! Love this time of year, its gorgeous out! Check out some of the latest pics andcheck out how big my baby pup has gotten she's 8months now & the cutest lil shit in the world, love her & my abbey road. :) WOW I need to shut up now, think it's time for bed....

NEW VIDS visit
Just the Way you are- Bruno Mars Cover

Paris (oh la la)- Grace Potter & the Nocturnals Cover

Bed Intruder- Antoine Dodson song hahaha

Magic Bag
Ironwood Grill

Little Brothers Homecoming
Sadie 8months

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

VOTE Radio Cafe, WJR Interview, New VIdeo/Shows etc

What’s UP?! Hope everyone is enjoying summer!!! :) I’m loving it,hardcore. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, so get ready for a crap ton of new things.... so you ready... cause here it goes....

June 11th 10’- The Vintage House-31816 Utica Road, Fraser, MI 48026
*Outside Patio- Acoustic w. Steve Flagg on guitar
*Awesome Outdoor Heated Patio & Bar, with Big Screen TVs, Fireplace & more. :) All ages, no cover.

For more show listings check out my website


RRADIO CAFE’- 9.63 WDVD Podcast VOTE 4 my SONG!!!!
Also LISTEN & VOTE for my song ‘World Turns Dark’ on 96.3 WDVD’s “Radio Cafe” & also this week theres an awesome interview with Abdul “Duke” Fakir of Detroit, the last original member of the “Four Tops.” :) Very Cool & Inspirational!! VOTEEEE!! :) Copy this link....

WJR Radios- Newest Podcast “New Voices & Visions interview-
I’ve had some awesome opportunities with different local Radio Stations the first is for WJR Radios Newest Podcast “New Voices & Visions” make sure to check out the video interview & live performance of ‘Stargazers.’ Leave it some love on youtube. xoxo

Brand new video of a cover of “What do you want from Me”- Adam Lambert from the HARD ROCK CAFE- Detroit MI May 2010, check it out... SUBSCRIBE/Comment/Share/Rate.... :)

What’s Next?:
New Photos, Shows, What’s Happening Video etc. Some cool things are brewing right now which I’m real excited about, so help cross your fingers super ridiculously tight for me. :) :) Hope you are all well, I LOVE seeing all of you at shows so THANK YOU for all the love & support you show me, it means everything.

I’ve been performing out a ton, so please be sure to check out my facebook fan page for the latest pictures Here’s a sample of some....

PS. Last but not least, gotta show you some updated pictures of the babies...